Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pita Pizzas

  • 1 Low carb pita (Joseph's brand)
  • Desired tomato sauce (canned) and/or diced tomatoes (depending if you want it chunky or not)
  • 1 slice 2% mozzarella cheese slice, broken into pieces
  • Italian seasoning and garlic powder to taste
  • Desired toppings: turkey pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc.
1. Assemble ingredients on pita like a pizza and sprinkle with spices.
2. Cook at 400 for about 12 minutes, or until browned and cheese is bubbly.

Makes 1 serving

(w/ Turkey pepperoni and bell peppers)
Calories 164
Fat 8g
Cholesterol 19mg
Sodium 914mg
Carbs 12g
Fiber 5g
Protein 15g


  1. What are the cooking instructions on this one?

  2. I just added it. It's mostly just eyeballing until it's browned/done looking, and also depends on how crispy you like your crust.