Saturday, April 27, 2013

Key Lime Cheesecake Crumble

Yum, but I could hardly taste the lime.  I'll increase it next time.

  •   1 box Pillsbury Sugar Free Classic Yellow cake mix, minus 1 cup reserved
  •     1/4 cup Almond Milk - Unsweetened
  •     8 oz Fat Free Philidelphia Cream Cheese
  •     Lime Juice, 1/3 cup
  •     1/2 cup egg beater's original (equivalent to 2 eggs)
  •     1 10 oz can fat free Sweetened Condensed Milk
  •     1.5 tbsp. Margarine
  • 1 cup of reserved cake mix

  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray. In small bowl, reserve 1 cup of the dry cake mix for the topping; set aside.
  2. Mix remaining cake mix and milk in a food processor until mixed thoroughly. (I had to add a couple teaspoons of milk here to get the consistency I wanted).  Spread in the sprayed pan with the back of a wet spoon.  It will be very sticky.
  3. In a standing mixer (or hand mixer) beat cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and egg beaters with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Pour filling evenly over base in pan.
  4. With fork, mix reserved cake mix and 1.5 tablespoons softened butter until crumbly. Sprinkle evenly over filling.
  5. Bake about 45 minutes or until golden brown. Cool in pan at least 20 minutes. Refrigerate.  Top with fat free cook whip if desired.
Makes 12 servings
Calories 240
Fat 4g
Sat Fat 1.5g
Cholesterol 7mg
Potassium 13mg
Carbs 51g
Fiber 1g
Sugars 21g
Protein 7g

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